Issues with Whalley Park project in Southwick discussed

The lights on the baseball field at Whalley Park were tested on Tuesday night. (Photo courtesy of John Whalley)

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (The Westfield News) – The Park and Recreation Committee discussed a few outstanding concerns during their meeting on Wednesday night regarding the Whalley Park project.

John Goddard, an engineer for R. Levesque Associates who is the landscape architect for the project, was on hand to address a few of the issues.

First reported by the Westfield News on April 6, JL Construction, the contractor for the project, would have to pay liquidated damages due to going past the official deadline originally created for the project.

Part of the construction agreement included a fine of $500 per day which would be imposed for each day that JL Construction went past the deadline. Goddard informed the group that since the official deadline was March 30 and JL Construction didn’t finish until April 27, the 28-day span resulted in a total fine of $14,000.

In addition to the aforementioned penalty for project overrun, Goddard also noted that some of the bolts put in place to hold the cases that goes over the light bulbs of the street lights have been damaged and will be replaced by JL Construction at their cost.

During Goddard’s dialogue with the Park and Recreation Committee, John Whalley, the creator of Whalley Park and a member of the committee, mentioned that JL Construction hadn’t removed the silt sacks, which are protections on the perimeter of a job site that contain materials from the site from getting into nearby storm water systems.

The Westfield News will continue to update the Whalley Park project as more information is released.