High rise building fire safety

A fire in a London high rise on Wednesday, killed more than a dozen people

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A fire Wednesday at a London high rise killed more than a dozen people.

Dozens more are still missing from that 24-story high rise. Springfield’s Chestnut Towers is ten stories higher.

“I live on the 5th floor so it makes it easier for me, but people in the penthouse it makes it harder,” Haydee Liz, a Chestnut Towers resident told 22News.

Chestnut Towers is the only high rise in Springfield, 22News discovered what the plan is, in case of a fire there.

“We have a plan in Springfield for any high rise fire,” Springfield Fire Commissioner, Joseph Conant told 22News.

Conant said Chestnut Towers is inspected four times a year and is up to code.  This tenant has lived on the 27th floor for 15 years.

“The building is safe, it’s mostly concrete, there’s two exits, two different stairways to come down, when the alarm goes off every one hears,” the tenant said.

Commissioner Conant said that concrete is fire resistant so fire doesn’t spread as rapidly. He also said in the event of a fire, the first option for everyone would be to use the stairs to evacuate.