Deal could bring body and dash cameras to Springfield Police

The Springfield Police would like 70 dash cameras and 300 body cameras

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield Police could be getting body and dash cameras almost for free.

Mayor Domenic Sarno and Police Commissioner John Barbieri told 22News that the cameras would help keep both the officers and the public safe and accountable for their actions.

A company called Axon, through which the Springfield Police already has tasers, is offering free body cameras for a year. The catch is that they’ll charge for the storage of the footage in their cloud based evidence locker and police may have to agree to Axon’s user agreement. There’s also a question of whether video of juveniles should legally remain private.

Mayor Sarno said all the details would be hammered out at a later time. He told 22News, “Where is this information going to be distributed, as far as investigations going on and court cases, and the district attorney and other federal or state authorities, or with the media. So, these are all things that when you start crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, will be delineated.”

Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri noted, “People don’t always start filming at the onset of the incident. They film when the fight starts. So, we’ll have the full documented video of the entire occurrence.”

The Springfield Police said they would like about 70 dash cameras and 300 body cameras. The department has to get the idea passed through union negotiations before it can happen.