Bob ‘The Bike Man’ delivers all brand new bikes to Springfield school

Bob and volunteers were escorted to Washington Street School by state and local police

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Despite being diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease, Bob Charland works tirelessly to fix up bikes for kids in need. This time, however, Charland was able to donate all brand new bikes to kids.

It’s not the way most kids receive their first bike, but for the children at Springfield’s Washington Street school, it’s a moment they will never forget. Thursday afternoon Bob once again loaded up bikes into the back of his and some friends pickup trucks and headed off to the school.

“I was super surprised and I really like it because green is my favorite color. I’ve rode a bike but I still need some practice,” said one student.

“It’s awesome it has my favorite colors, I just really hope I can have it. I think you can have it. I can? Awesome,” said another student.

In addition to monetary donations, Bob has a lot of support from the community. Charland and volunteers were escorted to the school by Springfield Police, Massachusetts State Police and Connecticut State Police.

“The reason I have law enforcement involved in this is because the kids in the areas that we support with this program, they don’t look up to the cops anymore,”Charland explained. “They see the worst in the police. With what we’re doing, they see the police coming in and giving them brand new bikes, giving them helmets, helping fit the bikes to their needs. They’re going to see police in a positive light.”

If you’re interested in donating to Bob’s Pedal Thru Youth charity, you can visit their gofundme page.

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