Bill drafted to revise state’s recreational marijuana law

A new proposal is expected to come up for House debate next week

BOSTON (WWLP) – Lawmakers are redrafting their bill to revise Massachusetts pot laws after House Speaker Robert DeLeo pulled the proposal from a debate before the full House Thursday.

The state’s Marijuana Policy Committee Wednesday voted in favor of a bill to alter Massachusetts recreational marijuana laws passed by voters in November.

Although the bill was expected to come to the House for debate Thursday, the controversial proposal saw push back from both lawmakers on the committee as well as “Yes on 4” supporters, ultimately sending the marijuana committee back to the drawing board.

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The bill calls for a 28 percent tax on pot sales, one that some lawmakers said would encourage a thriving black market. The proposal would also allow select boards and city councils to ban pot shops, without a voter’s referendum.

State Representative Nicholas Boldyga, (R) Southwick told 22News, “It takes the will of the voters out of their hands and gives it to the local elected people and I don’t think we that should do that. I think it should be up to the voters whether or not they want it in their community.”

A new proposal is expected to come up for House debate next week. Lawmakers hope to get the proposal to the Governor’s Desk by the end of the month.