Bacteria in bodies of water could pose health risk

Samples will be collected at each site every two weeks

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Before you swim in the region’s biggest public waterway this summer, it’s important to know how much bacteria is swimming with you.

The Connecticut River Conservancy will be testing the river water until October at more than 140 locations between Vermont and Connecticut.

Samples will be collected at each site every two weeks and the test results are posted online within 24 hours. They’re testing for E.coli and any other pathogens that could potentially make you sick.

Melody Davis told told 22News she makes it a priority to check these water test results.

“If there’s E.coli in the water, that’s a very dangerous disease, and it could be deadly for an awful lot of people,” Davis explained. “And I’ve known people who’ve had it, and I’ve known people who’ve had it from going swimming.”

As a rule of thumb, stay out of the water for a day or two after a heavy rain. The Connecticut River Conservatory says that’s when bacteria levels are typically the highest.

You can view the test results on these water samples here.