When will Longmeadow property tax increase begin?

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The cost of living in Longmeadow is about to get more expensive.

A ballot question to build a $21-million DPW facility passed by 53%, at Tuesday’s Annual Town Election. A new DPW facility for the town means higher property taxes for residents.

Longmeadow Town Manager Stephen Crane told 22News, the average homeowner will see their property taxes increase by about $200 a year, for the next 20-years. “People will probably see an impact in their taxes, probably in fiscal year 2019,” he said.

Some residents voted against the proposal to avoid the tax increase, while others, including Bob Neil of Longmeadow, say it’s worth the investment. “You invest in the community, it returns in the real estate. I certainly feel for people who are on a fixed income and concerns like that, but on the other hand, I think the DPW provides a tremendous amount of services, and I was happy it went through,” he said.

Crane acknowledged that many residents are concerned with the cost of the project, and said they will do their best to find ways to cut the cost, wherever possible.

As for the actual project, it’ll still be a while before they demolish the town’s more than 80-year-old DPW facility on Pondside Road, and begin construction on the new DPW facility on Dwight Road.

Crane said the town first has to finish acquiring the property, complete the design plan, and put the project up for bid. “The demolition of both the grand meadows building, and the existing DPW building will be a part of that contract, so that will probably start early next year,” he said.

The goal is to have the facility complete by early 2019.