Sessions Testimony: Senators question Attorney General on Russian contacts

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate which at times became heated and controversial.

(NBC News) – Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls claims of collusion between Russia and the trump campaign, “…an appalling and detestable lie.”

He denies anything improper happened when he met in with the Russian ambassador, twice.

He sees no problem leaving fired FBI Director James Comey alone with President Trump, while Comey was investigating Russia. “I left. It didn’t seem to me to me a major problem,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Things got heated when one democrat asked if there are problems with sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

And Sessions refused to talk about private conversations President Trump.

Several senators sparred over the Attorney General’s refusal to talk about private his private conversations with President Trump.

The president signs off on more money and less regulation for apprentice programs today, back from Wisconsin pushing for a new health plan.

And he is still not addressing reports that he plans to get rid of the special prosecutor investigating Russia.