Republicans and Democrats unite to support shooting victims

The congressional game is expected to go on as planned

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Lawmakers are still trying to make sense of what happened on that baseball field Wednesday morning.

And, as they do, so there’s support for the victims from both sides of the aisle.

22News asked Congressman Richard Neal if this attack might help bridge some of the country’s political divide.

“For members of Congress right now that’s the wakeup call. They’re used to reading about this, hearing about this pro-gun anti-gun when it happens to somebody else,” said political consultant Tony Cignoli.

Interview: Political Consultant Tony Cignoli talks about Virginia shooting

Members of Congress are still comprehending what happened in Virginia Tuesday morning.

Congressman Richard Neal told 22News both sides of the aisle are coming together to move past this tragedy, “One of the nicest parts of the discussion today was the suggestion that neither side should try to take partisan advantage of what happened and with that there was cheering.”

“A lot of us are hoping right now that this will make the members of Congress understand they need to be a lot more collegial as they once were 20 to 30 years ago. When a tip O’Neill and a Ronald Reagan had such different views on things could get together and get things done. Hopefully that’s what will come from this. There will be a little bit more collegiality and a little bit more civility brought back to the house,” said Cignoli.

That is what Congressman Neal told 22News the congressional baseball game is all about, “It’s a night of sharing and when the night is over there’s a night of socialization with each other with some drinks and some food. I once played on the democratic side so it’s really comradery.”

That congressional game, which raises money for charity, is expected to go on as planned on Thursday.

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