Georgia manhunt continues

An intense manhunt is underway for two Georgia prison inmates who shot and killed two guards during their escape from a transport bus Tuesday.

(WXIA) Police and law enforcement officials from throughout the Southeast continue to search for two escaped inmates accused of shooting and killing two corrections officers in Putnam County, Georgia Tuesday morning.

A statewide manhunt has been underway since the incident, when authorities said Ricky Dubose and Donnie Russell Rowe were being transported on a bus when they allegedly overpowered the guards, killed them and escaped.

Veteran correctional officers Christopher Monica, 42, and Curtis Billue, 58, were killed in the incident.

The incident happened near Eatonton around 6:45 a.m. when there were 33 prisoners and two guards on the bus.

A resident was driving along Hwy. 16 when he saw the stopped bus and mistakenly thought it was part of a work detail. When he stopped his car, police said the inmates robbed him at gunpoint. The driver was unharmed and flagged down the next car for help.

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