Staying hydrated while working in hot weather

Drinking plenty of water is a must

PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have to be outside in the heat, 22News found out the best way to stay hydrated.

For the construction workers by the Massachusetts Turnpike in Palmer, the heat was unavoidable.

If you start to feel dehydrated while working in weather conditions like Tuesday’s, you should stop working and find a shade or AC.

Drink plenty of water, but if you’re going to grab a sports drink when it’s that hot, Baystate’s Chief of Emergency Medicine said to water it down.

“There’s a lot of sugar in many of the sports drinks so you’re probably better mixing that with some water or alternating with water,” Dr. Joseph Schmidt, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Baystate Medical Center told 22News.

Dr. Schmidt said signs of dehydration include headache, feeling nauseous and weak.