Railroad ties blazing in Northfield gravel pit

The fire is in a gravel pit, not in a residential area

Courtesy of Fireground 360's Facebook page. Taken by Jeremy Klepadlo.

NORTHFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Northfield firefighters called in help from neighboring fire departments in three states to put out a large fire in a pile of railroad ties, Tuesday night.

A Lieutenant with the Northfield Fire Department confirmed for 22News that they were working on a fire in the rear of a gravel pit off Route 142.  He said the fire was not in a residential area.

Shelburne Dispatch told 22News that several neighboring fire departments had been called in for mutual aid.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Courtesy of Fireground 360’s Facebook page. Taken by Jeremy Klepadlo.

The public Facebook page, “Fireground 360” posted a photo of a fire saying it was located at the Mitchell Gravel Pit.

The Greenfield Recorder reported the fire at the Mitchell Gravel Pit, saying Northfield, Bernardston, Gill, Erving, Turners Falls, Greenfield, Warwick, Vernon, Vt.; and Winchester, N.H. departments were all called to help.

The fire is expected to be put out in several hours.

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