Keeping dogs hydrated during the summer heat

Your dog can overheat inside your car

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – During this potential heat wave, it’s important to make sure your four-legged friends stay cool too.

It might not be the dog days of summer but it sure feels like it, and with temperatures in the 90s, pets can overheat easily.

Just like humans, your dog can suffer from heat stroke.

“If you’re with your dog and you see them panting excessively, their gums looks discolored, they’re disoriented, they’re drooling, there’s nausea vomiting and obviously any kind of collapse is a huge thing right there,” Lee Chambers of the Dakin Humane Society told 22News. “Get them to a veterinarian immediately.”

One of the easiest places your dog can overheat is inside your car. To show you just how quickly a car can heat up 22News placed a thermometer in the car for one hour. You may be surprised at just how hot it got.

Within 5 minutes the temperature inside the car had gone from 85 to 115 degrees. In less than 10 minutes the temperature was over 120 degrees inside the car.

One pet owner has gone to extra lengths to keep his companion safe.

“Police K9 cars have the fans in the back for the dogs to keep them cool,” Randy DeGray of Springfield, told 22News. “I’m an engineer so I made the same thing out of an old fan from a furnace and some metal, and it fits perfectly in my window, I made two of them. One for each side.’

Tuesday is expected to be just as hot.