Police officer captures 5 foot snake with bare hands

Officer Richards says he was just having fun

Photo Courtesy: WIAT

HELENA, Ala. (WIAT) — In a video that’s making its rounds on Facebook, a Helena police officer captured a five foot long snake with his bare hands.

The video has been shared almost 200 times on Facebook with a lot of people calling the act courageous, while Officer Philip Richards said he was just having fun.

A five foot snake slithered through the bushes, “what happened was we got a call from the church saying they had a snake that they wanted to get rid of, because they were having vacation bible school, and they didn’t want the kids out there, and nobody wants to see a scared kid,” Officer Richards said.

Seemingly out of place next to the Cross Bridge Church in Helena, Officer Richards saw the opportunity to capture the snake as a chance for fun.

“So I handed him my phone and said ‘hey video tape this for me,’ and made this real cute video thinking that nobody would ever see it,” Officer Richards said. “I got in as close as I could and focused on his neck so he couldn’t bite me… reached in and grabbed him and then I pulled him out,” he explained.

In the video, you see the snake coil as it was captured. With a straight face, Officer Richards held the snake up with pride, “and the spinning action was just for effect,” he laughed.

While the act seemed cool, Officer Richards said to just leave nature alone and not to try what he did. He said if a snake pops up at your home, “I’ll do what I can to help, but I can only do so much,” he laughed.

Officer Richards didn’t know exactly what kind of snake it was, but said he knows it wasn’t one of the four poisonous snakes that are in Alabama.

The snake was set free back into the wild, unharmed.