Reactions to Comey Testimony

Lawmakers around D.C. react to former FBI Director James Comey's testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

(NBC News) – Accusations and counter accusations after former FBI Director James Comey testifies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey admitted to leaking some of his personal memos. He also said he did want FBI investigators looking into the Russia probe to know the president asked him to “lift the cloud” of the investigation.

It’s important to note that former FBI Director James Comey did not make a determination on obstruction of justice however, he outlined nine uncomfortable contacts with President Donald Trump.

Under oath former FBI Director James Comey explained why he took detailed notes after conversations with President Donald Trump. “I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting.” James Comey, Former FBI Director.

Comey admitted he asked a friend to leak one of his memo’s to add more independence to the investigation. “I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” James Comey, Former FBI Director.

Comey outlined how the president asked him to “lift the cloud” of the Russia investigation and make a loyalty pledge to him.

The president’s personal attorney says the former FBI Director confirmed the president was not a target of the Russia probe and countered Comey’s accusations.

“The President never, in form or substance, directed or suggested that Mr. Comey stop investigating anyone,” said Trump’s Lawyer, Marc Kasowitz.

President trump, not commenting

House Speaker Paul Ryan says this is all a misunderstanding. “The President is new at this, he is new to government, and so he probably wasn’t steeped in the long running protocols.” House Speaker Paul Ryan/ (R) Wisconsin

“It’s pretty clear that there was an attempt by the President to manipulate the Director of the FBI,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Senate Intelligence Committee.

The investigations into Russian meddling in the election as well as contacts with the Russians is far from over.

Edward Lawrence, NBC News.

NBC News has learned that Jared Kushner will meet with Senators behind closed doors sometime in the middle of this month as part of their investigation.