Joe Lieberman on FBI Director post: I would have said yes

Former Connecticut senator says he was honored to have been considered

NEW YORK (WTNH) — Moments after James Comey finished his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday, 22News’ sister station WTNH News 8 spoke with former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, who was at one point said to be the top candidate to replace Comey as FBI Director.

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A midtown Manhattan building houses the law firm where former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman now works. News 8 sat down with Lieberman Thursday afternoon to ask him everything; from James Comey, to President Trump‘s performance, to his brush with becoming FBI Director just a couple of weeks ago.

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Senator Lieberman described what it was like being asked by President Trump to consider the job.

He [President Trump] said, ‘I’d like you to think about whether you’d like to be the Director of the FBI’; and I said, ‘Mister President, I’m really honored that you’d even raise the possibility. And because you’re the President, and I feel as a citizen I have an obligation to think seriously if the President asks to think about going into service of the country, I gotta do it’; but I got to tell you from the outset here, that’s what I really said. I’m very happy with my life right now. I’m spending more time with my family right now. I’m busy with part-time law firm work, [and] public causes that i’m involved in, but that’s the way it started.”

When asked how he would have responded if President Trump needed a definitive answer, he would have said yes.

Probably, I would have said yes. Interestingly enough, my wife and I really wrestled with it Thursday night [laughter] and, you know, God bless my wife Hadassah. She said, ‘Well, if you want to, then okay. I’m going to support you in it’.”

Lieberman says the first thing that happened after he was considered to be the FBI Director, he called his old buddy John McCain, and asked him what he should do. He said McCain advised him to never turn down a chance to do public service.