Gypsy moth caterpillars infestation causing problems for residents

The Gypsy Moth caterpillar infestation has spread

WARE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a story of deep concern to western Massachusetts residents that 22News has been covering for weeks.

The gypsy moth caterpillar infestation has spread from western Hampden County to its neighboring Hampshire county town of Ware.

Continuing Coverage: Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Invasion

A swarm of caterpillars was on Laurie Horton’s home and on her trees. Laurie told 22News, this is the worst infestation she can remember since the 1980’s. “Mainly they’re really after the Oak trees. Like I showed you we’re trying to protect our fruit trees. Again I don’t believe in poisons so I put the icky sticky stuff around the bark , hoping that keeps them off,” said Laurie Horton of Ware.

It’s after dark when the presence of her unwelcome visitors becomes scary, she can hear the caterpillars dropping from the trees along with the sound they emit from the trees.