Springfield non-profit awarded Walmart grant

The grant totaled $5,000

BOSTON (WWLP) – You might think large corporations hurt local business, but one multi-national retailer is giving back to small businesses in western Massachusetts.

Businesses and organizations from across Massachusetts came to Boston Thursday, for Walmart’s annual State House Day.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors awarded a $5,000 grant to Revitalize CDC of Springfield.

The Small City Climate Protection Grant, sponsored by Walmart, will help Revitalize CDC continue to offer free repairs and modifications to homes of low-income families, elderly, people with disabilities and veterans.

“Our veterans come home-they’ve served our country-but still in yet, they’re not getting the services they need in a timely manner so we may have to put grab bars or a handicap ramp,” Ethel Griffith, Associate Director of Revitalize CDC told 22News.

This is just one award of the $5.1 million that Walmart has given to Massachusetts non-profits.

Some local businesses came to the State House who were able to take their products from the streets of western Massachusetts to communities across the U.S. including Ergieshovel, a small business from Westfield.

“People from across the country take the time to email us and call us and tell us what a difference our product has made to be able to have that freedom to shovel yourself out of your home,” said Diana McLean, Director of Operations for Ergieshovel.

Walmart spends about $2.9 billion annually with Massachusetts suppliers, like Ergieshovel.

Companies told 22News they hope to continue to expand their products to help people in more communities.