Middle Pond of Congamond Lakes closed Friday as search and recovery effort resumes

Authorities believe the the boater might have drowned

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – A search and recovery effort has stopped for the night, at Congamond Lake’s Middle Pond, in Southwick, as crews search for a missing swimmer, now presumed to have downed.

Southwick police called off their search for a missing boater, Thursday night.

Southwick Police told 22News, the Middle Pond will be closed Friday, for a continued search and recovery effort.

The North and South Ponds will remain open, as well as the boat launches to access those ponds.

At 2:39 p.m. Thursday afternoon, police received a 911 call from a woman, who reported that her friend had jumped from a boat and into Congamond’s middle pond and never resurfaced.

It’s a very small town, so a lot of people know everybody. It’s probably going to be hard on a lot of people.

What started as a rescue mission, is now a recovery effort.

Residents told 22News, this is a tight knit community and that the Congamond Lakes is what ties them together.

“It’s a very big part,” Nate Johnson of Suffield, CT, told 22News. “All my friends, their friends, they all come out here to hang out and stuff. A lot of people enjoy coming out here.”

Southwick police and firefighters are being assisted by the state police, environmental police and the Suffield Connecticut Police Department.

The recovery effort is being coordinated from the Babbs Beach recreation area in Suffield. Allowing easier access for rescue boats and emergency responders.

My heart goes out to them,” Megan Locklear of Southwick said. “This is the worst situation that could possibly happen. Somebody goes out for a simple swim, and before you know it, your worst nightmare has unfolded before your eyes.”

Southwick Fire Chief David Gay said the search will resume Friday morning.