Rain has brought a damper on some jobs

Sunshine will soon help to soak up some of the ground

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The rain has been a positive for all our yards but for some jobs its been tough.

For those who are landscapers it has not been easy. They are able to work in light rain but when it downpours some jobs are left temporary undone. Which means landscapers have to come back another day to complete the job. Some customers tend to get anxious from unfinished jobs.

22News talked with G&H Landscaping who said when it rains hard as it has been it affects scheduled projects. Gary Courchesne, G&H Landscaping, told 22News, “It interrupts our timeline, and interrupts our production, and it interrupts our well being of our employees out in the weather, because we do work when it rains lightly if its heavy downpours we cancel.”

G&H Landscaping are also in charge of some sprinkler systems. Many sprinklers have not been turned on from all the rain.

The recent sunshine we have been getting will help soak up some of the ground.