Pros and cons of the amount of rain we’ve seen this month

Within the first week of june we have already gotten 2 inches of rain

GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – We have seen a lot rain within the last couple of days. 22News is working for you with the pros and cons of the recent rainfall in western Massachusetts.

After a bunch of gloomy and rainy days its about time western Massachusetts has gotten more than a couple hours of sunshine.

Barb Popowski, from Chicopee, told 22News, “Although its really pretty and its good for the grass its nice to have a couple days of sun, finally its springtime.”

Because of the amount of rain, western Massachusetts is already past the half way mark for the average rainfall for the month of June! We’re just about a week into June and western Massachusetts has already gotten 2 inches of rain, to put things into perspective average rainfall totals for the month of June alone its around 4 inches of rain.

Some residents are concerned the rain may have affected their yard work. So 22News talked with Class Grass Garden Center in Granby who said for those who just planted shrubs, you don’t need to worry. But if you just put down fertilizer, you might want to reapply.

John Duda, Class Grass Garden Center, told 22News, “If fertilizer has been put on your lawn a lot of it has been washed through without giving your lawn the full affect, you’ll need to give it another application now, you’ll start to see the lawn yellow a little bit.”

If you have strawberries, they have been suffering as well. They need the sun to ripen them.

Class Grass Garden Center advises gardeners to take advantage of the sun and dry weather while we have it. You can use this time to cut your lawn and replant.