Gypsy moth caterpillars have grown, infestation continues in Brimfield

Homeowners taking precautions to protect trees

BRIMFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The gypsy moth caterpillars have gotten much bigger than they were in Brimfield when 22News first reported on the infestation problem a month ago.

Brimfield homeowners like Kevin Moore are fighting to make sure their maple trees survive this season, using tactics that some might call “old school,” and it’s apparently working.

“I think so, we’re noticing a lot of dead caterpillars in the back of the trees. I’m stealing a little trick from the 80s, I’m using the foil and the Vaseline, and they seem to work,” Moore said.

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The emergence of these larger caterpillars has taken the edge off skin irritation concerns for children. The Brimfield Elementary School is again permitting students to play outdoors. The playground was off-limits just a few weeks ago.

School bus driver Cheryl Vosburg told 22News that as the caterpillars got bigger, the skin irritation problem got smaller.

“They’re a lot bigger now. The caterpillars were like miniscule and you couldn’t see them, and all of a sudden, you had them all over you. Young people developed the rash. The kids see them now, they stay away from them,” Vosburg said.

Brimfield homeowners are so far successful using the “tin foil trick,” and from saving the leaves on their trees to keeping children free of skin problems, people appear to be getting the upper hand over these insects.

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