Shelburne Falls residents react to famous neighbor’s sexual assault trial

Day 3 of trial

SHELBURNE FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – Not everyone in Shelburne Falls wants to talk about their famous, embattled neighbor. Bill Cosby’s on trial in Pennsylvania, accused of sexual assault.

Longtime Shelburne Resident Sue Harris told 22News she’s definitely conflicted about the man who has a home in her town.

“I go back and forth,” Sue Harris said. “I mean I can’t imagine that someone would take the stand and say what they’re saying without it being true But I also believe him too.”

At the Shelburne Falls senior center, members admitted the sadness the allegations against Cosby has caused them.

“Well I find it so sad about the whole thing,” Catherine Egan-Osterman told 22News. “He was so idolized by everybody, he could do no wrong.”

In this town of fewer than 2,000 people where Bill Cosby has lived for decades, no two people 22News spoke with, shared the same opinion of him as a neighbor.

Some say they’ve never once seen him, others applaud him purchasing property in town, and preserving it for open space.

“I try not to judge people and I’m all about forgiveness,” former Shelburne resident, Lynne Lennon told 22News. “You know whose going to judge me? But at the same time so many people have been effected, so many women and their families.”

And yet other people 22News approached said they’re reserving judgement, and will let a jury decide.