Drivers and bicyclists are responsible for each other’s safety

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Recent collisions between bicycles and cars are causing concern in Western Massachusetts.

The first rule for bicyclists is “wear a helmet!” However, police say everyone needs to be mindful when sharing the road.

Over the last few weeks in Western Massachusetts, there have been several collisions involving cars and bikes, including one video sent to 22News. It shows several bikes riding in the middle of the street, and car comes the other way hitting two kids on one bike. The kids are sent flying before they crash to the ground.

Bicyclists and motorists alike need to be mindful when sharing the road.

New bicycle safety added to Massachusetts driver’s manual

Scott Mixter of Westfield says it’s not uncommon to see both drivers and bikers in Springfield making unsafe moves, “Kids on bikes, popping wheelies down Main Street and stuff in the middle of the road and stuff during rush hour in and out of traffic, and they’re not even paying attention. And people, one that’s on the phone calling or texting, don’t really pay attention till it’s too late, someone will get hit.”

Westfield Bicycle Patrol officers say both drivers and bikers are responsible for each other’s safety.

“Stay focused on operating your vehicle, don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Getting off their bikes at crosswalks. That way you’re actually taking the time and giving vehicles time to see you. And you also taking the time to look,” said Officer Juanita Mejias of the Westfield Police Department.

The first step for bicycle safety: wear a helmet.

Bikers also need to make sure your tires are properly inflated, and have a working light and reflectors.

**Warning: some of the video used in the story is disturbing. It shows an actual collision of a bike and a car.