Protecting yourself from Lyme disease during warm weather

Its easier to prevent a tick bite than to deal with Lyme disease

AGAWAM Mass. (WWLP) – There has been reports of Lyme disease increase in Massachusetts in the months of June and July.

According to data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, thousands of people are infected with Lyme disease in the first two months of summer.

Pest control experts say the best way to avoid prevent Lyme disease is to avoid getting bitten by a tick.

They recommend having your yard sprayed to repel ticks. It’s much easier to prevent a tick-bite than it is to deal with this awful illness.

“Prevention can go a long ways to avoid a spraying program,” Dennis Gaynor of EZ Green Pest Control in Agawam told 22News. “Trap rock around the foundation, keeping your grass cut short, two and a half to three inches, eliminating moisture areas in your yard.”

The Department of Public Health recommends you check yourself for ticks once a day. The longer an infected tick is attached, the higher your risk of getting sick.