Nurses stand up for patients at State House

The bill is currently under review

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Nurses want to ensure patients get the best care, and  that tax payer dollars are put to good use.

They want to make sure large health care corporations aren’t putting profits before patients.

Nurses gathered at the State House Tuesday, to testify before the state’s Health Care Financing Committee.

They’re calling on lawmakers to increase transparency in hospitals, and to impose fines on hospitals that overpay CEOs.

The bill, known as the “Hospital Profit Transparency and Fairness Act,” would require hospitals to disclose their financial assets.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association told 22News that major Massachusetts Health Networks have offshore accounts.

One veteran nurse told 22News that hospitals are consolidating services, resulting in lost nursing jobs.

“Many of the resources that hospitals are making in profits are being tucked away in the Cayman islands,” Donna Kelly-Williams, President of the Massachusetts Nurses Association told 22News. “Hospitals have closed in vital areas despite the fact that they have been determined to be essential services.”

The bill is currently under review and has not yet been approved.