Homeowner’s pet pig dragged away, killed by bear


EARLTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  A homeowner is warning Capital Region residents after her pet pig was killed by a bear.

Janet McArdell says about three weeks ago a bear visited their home and sniffed through garbage cans.

Unfortunately, McArdell says the bear didn’t stop there. She was awoken around 4 a.m. to the screams of her pet pig Olivia.

At the time, Olivia had been in her pet house and enclosure outside. When McArdell and her husband ran outside to help her, she was gone and her enclosure was torn apart.

A neighbor found Olivia’s remains in a nearby field after following a trampled trail of grass.

The DEC says it’s not uncommon for hungry bears to go after larger animals such as goats and pigs.

McArdell is warning others to keep a watchful eye over your pets and livestock.