Experiment to improve safety at East Longmeadow Rotary

7-way intersection among the most dangerous in western Massachusetts

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Drivers who use a rotary in East Longmeadow will notice a change designed to help cut back on accidents.

The East Longmeadow Rotary, which as an intersection of seven different roadways, is one of the most dangerous in western Massachusetts. There has been more than 10 accidents here this year, and more than 20 last year.

To help prevent accidents, the Maple Street entrance has been reduced to a single lane.

Rachel Veizer of Chicopee, who works near the rotary, told 22News that more needs to be done to make it a safer intersection.

“It definitely causes a lot of hesitation in the rotary, which could cause backup, and it does cause issues. Maybe adding a stop light or two at a couple of different streets would clear up a little bit of congestion,” Veizer said.

East Longmeadow Police Chief Jeffrey Delassio told 22News that the traffic barrels at the rotary will stay there through the summer. The town will then decide whether one lane of traffic was effective.

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