A big warm-up expected just in time for the weekend

Temps far below average Tuesday for this time of year

(WWLP) – Summer is only a few weeks away, but temperatures are expected to be 20 degrees below average Tuesday.

When will it start feeling like summer?

Temperatures this time of year are usually in the mid to upper-70s, so you may be wondering why it’s been so wet and cool. A low pressure system is on top of New England, and around a low, the air circulates counterclockwise. This motion is bringing in cool air from Canada, which is also keeping the warm air away from the northeastern United States.

7 Day Forecast

This is the type of weather pattern we’ve had a lot the past few weeks. A major pattern change, however, is in store just in time for the weekend!

High pressure will soon be setting up to our south. Around high pressure, the air circulates clockwise, which helps bring in plenty of warm air for the eastern half of the United States and pushes cooler air back to the north.

This pattern change means that we will start seeing temperatures in the 80s by this weekend, and possibly in the 90s by early next week.

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