Two deadly shootings in Springfield over the weekend

The unrelated shootings occurred in Springfield's McKnight and Upper Hill neighborhoods

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Two deadly shootings took place over the course of just a few hours over the weekend in Springfield.

Around 2:00am Sunday, the second deadly shooting of the weekend occurred outside of a nightclub on State Street, according to Springfield Police Lieutenant Richard LaBelle. Some residents in the neighborhood said crime keeps them in their homes after dark.

Kevin Moran told 22News, “I don’t go out after dark unless it can’t be helped. It’s not even safe crossing the streets, never mind worrying about somebody with a gun.”

The two unrelated shootings took place over the course of about three hours. One in Springfield’s Upper Hill neighborhood on State Street, and the other on Worthington Street in the McKnight neighborhood.

Some residents said they were surprised by multiple deadly shootings over the weekend, but others weren’t surprised by the violence.

Joycelyn, a Springfield resident, told 22News, “You know I’m not surprised. People standing outside and getting shot. You’re walking, you come home, They’re firing shots inside your home right. People go to bed and a shot wakes them up.”

Only three hours before the Sunday morning shooting on State Street, Lieutenant LaBelle told 22News that a deadly shooting occurred in an apartment building across town on Worthington Street. For some parents, they said it’s hard to shield your children from the violence in Springfield.

Sam Uelcomstock told 22News, “I raise kids in Springfield, and I’d like my children to be safe. It feels like it’s just getting worse and worse and worse. Got a lot of gang activity going on in Springfield. A lot of it is rival gangs.”

Residents said that, even if you aren’t involved in illegal activities, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be safe in the city. Some said that, even if you take the steps to stay safe and protect yourself, you can always end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Uelcomstock noted, “Something’s gotta be done about this. A lot of innocent bystanders are getting ricocheted you know. It’s horrible.”

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