‘Spirit Ride’ makes a stop in western Massachusetts

The 'Spirit Ride' stopped in Holyoke on Saturday

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Dozens of tow truck drivers came together to raise awareness of the ‘move over’ laws.

It’s called the ‘Spirit Ride’, and Saturday it stopped in Holyoke near Hampshire Towing after a convoy all the way from Boston.

The goal is to increase awareness for tow driver safety, by making the public aware of the ‘move over’ laws that are on the books in all 50 states. These laws require you to move over at least one lane away from all police, fire, ambulance and tow operators that are pulled over.

A tow truck driver is killed every six days, and the rate is increasing. In 2014, 33 tow drivers were killed trying to rescue stranded drivers.

The Spirit Ride involved a casket to symbolize tow truck drivers who lost their lives.

Mike Corbin, a driver from Warwick, NY, told 22News, “Many, many towers (tow truck drivers) have been struck. Many have been killed and injured, and people just are not slowing down, and they are not obeying the law.”

Over the next 12 months, the Spirit Ride will travel to more than 200 cities to raise awareness for tow truck driver safety.

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