A Look at the Movies

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – 12-year-old boys and others who drool over the sight of cleavage might consider “Baywatch” a cinematic masterpiece, but for everyone else, “Baywatch” deserves to be flushed away as quickly as possible.

It’s not the first movie inspired by TV rubbish, but it’s certainly among the worst. Dwayne Johnson seemed overly impressed with himself as the king of the lifeguards, until ego-maniac Zac Efron provides competition with his own brand of insipid masculinity.

By now you’re getting the picture that “Baywatch” is a destination for idiots. Efron and Johnson aren’t exactly compatible. With nowhere to go but down, “Baywatch” plunges into schoolboy fantasy, that’s as unfunny as it is tasteless.

It’s criminal the way the writers misuse Priyanka Chopra as drug lord Dragon Lady, as a lame excuse to inject a thriller sub-plot. “Baywatch” continually kicks sand in the faces of even the least demanding moviegoers, who’d be happy with even a modicum of Saturday night escape….”Baywatch” begrudges them even that.

Within minutes of the opening credits, it becomes abundantly clear there’s no turning a crummy TV show into a less-than-lousy movie.

“Baywatch” is so bad, Dwayne Johnson can’t grin his way out of this mess. He certainly can’t save “Baywatch” from hitting rock bottom with 1 star.

It’s what happens when movie producers set their sights even lower than the lowest common denominator.

Rated R

1 hour 50 minutes

Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra