Staying fit without the gym membership

A new skill or unusual activity can kick-start your motivation

(CNN) – Everyone knows that exercise leads to a healthier life. But what if you hate the gym?

Here are some tips from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Get social. Instead of going out to eat with friends, pick a group activity instead. Go for a hike, take a walk or play an exercise-based video game.

Find ways to move at work. If you can’t use a standing desk, you can stand during phone calls or choose a printer farther away from your desk.

Do something new. A new skill or unusual activity can kick-start your motivation. Try a dance class or sign up for a sports league.

Dive in! If you don’t like to sweat in the heat, head for the water. Take a swim at a community pool or sign up for a water aerobics class.

Lastly, stay on track. Keep track of your activity and the food you eat with wearable technology, or take advantage of tracking sites online.

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