State lawmakers awaiting Governor Baker’s budget deficit plan

Fiscal 2018 begins July 1st

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – State lawmakers are waiting to see how Governor Baker plans to close the more than $460 million state budget deficit.

Governor Baker has the authority to make cuts without the approval of the House and Senate, if necessary.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo was in Springfield Thursday night, where he told 22News that Baker has said he can address the issue without using his “line item veto.”

But, that’s also subject to change.

“Hopefully, unlike last year, we can stay with the money we appropriated and not have to work out the budget and make further cuts, even before the year starts,” Speaker DeLeo said. “So, we’re anxiously waiting to see what the May figures will be. If they’re good, we should be able to stay where we are right now.”

Fiscal 2018 begins July 1st.