Pet of the Week: Giovana the dog

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Giovana, a 2-year-old hound mix dog. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Giovana and what else is going on at Dakin.

Name: Giovana
Breed: Hound mix
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Female
Color: Brindle mix (brown/white/black)

Meet Giovana! She’s a Dixie dog who has been a Yankee for just a couple of weeks now but she brought her southern charm with her. Giovana enjoys other dogs very much, but we don’t know her history with cats. If you have one, let the Dakin staff know and they can find out if Giovana has experience with felines! She has a wonderful temperament and is quiet and friendly. She’s an ideal first dog if you’ve never had one before, and she’s a marvelous walking buddy. Come see her at Dakin’s Springfield Adoption & Education Center.
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News/Other Events

Dog Training Classes in Springfield Starting Saturday
We’ve got a couple of terrific dog training sessions starting this Saturday, June 3 in Springfield.

Introduction to Scent Work – Utilizing the dog’s strongest sense, their sense of smell, owners learn to read the subtleties of their dog’s body language communication while exploring the world of scent as their dog lives it. 3 week course – starts at 1pm

The Big 3 – In this class, you teach your dog to Come When Called, Walk Politely on Leash, and Say ‘Hi’ Without Jumping. 3 week course – starts at 2:15pm

Mice are Nice! And We’ve Got a Lot of ’em!
Working with Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control, Dakin took in lots of mice recently and we’re trying to find homes for them! Mice make ideal pets for older kids who are a little more used to handling small pets.
Here are some reasons that mice make terrific pets:
-They’re pretty smart and friendly
-Kids can learn responsibility from caring for mice as pets
-They’re interactive and form bonds with their caretakers
-Mice are very clean by nature
-They’re quiet by nature and don’t take up much space
-Mice are easy to care for
We have plenty of mice for adoption in both Springfield and Leverett Adoption Centers!

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