Mailman makes life-saving delivery

(WILX) – “When they smile, and it’s genuine, it actually picks my day up,” says an enthusiastic Jerred Thill.

He’s been trying to deliver smiles to the people on his Lansing, Michigan route for the four years that he’s been with the Postal Service, which is why he always has one on.

“If it’s miserable out and I’m out there smiling, it puts a smile on their face. Not sure why it works, but it seems to work pretty good,” he explains while dropping mail into a mailbox in Mason.

The last week it’s been harder than ever before.

“It’s been a crazy rollercoaster,” Thill states, “of people saying I’ve done something spectacular and I”m still trying to figure out what I did that was so spectacular.”

He saved a man’s life.

While he was doing his route on May 25th, Thill saw a man on his porch. When he came by again about ten minutes later, that man was purple.

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