Dad killed at kindergarten graduation party

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Penn. (CNN) – A fight between two young boys at a kindergarten graduation party was behind a deadly shooting in Pennsylvania.

A father of two, described as a role model in the community, was shot and killed after that fight.

Police lights flash after what was supposed to be a day to celebrate her son’s graduation from kindergarten, but instead, Devon Brown’s wife, Antionette says it was where her husband was shot and killed.

“An altercation between two 6-year-old boys is the reason why I don’t have my kid’s father with me today,” said Antionette.

State police say Tremaine Jamison of New York City killed Devon at the party. According to witnesses, Devon was shot after the fight between the two little boys escalated and the adults got involved.

“They both graduated from kindergarten yesterday. His friend is the one who he allegedly gave a black eye to, but he didn’t have a black eye. They were just rough playing like 6-year-old boys do,” said Antionette.

Antoinette says now, all she can do is stay strong for her children and keep Devon’s positive memory alive.

“I’m a warrior. I can’t say it’s going to be easy, but I’m a warrior. I’m gonna hold it together for my kids, like look at them,” said Antionette.

Devon’s wife says that he was not only a wonderful father to their two children. He was also a role model to other kids in the neighborhood.

“I just really hope justice will be served. That’s what will make me feel better,” said Antionette.

State police are still looking for Jamison. They said he lives in the Harlem area of New York City.