Chicopee to start enforcing new rules on trash Monday

Any trash that doesn't fit in the 35 gallon container has to be placed in yellow overflow bags.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Beginning on Monday, the new restrictions on trash will be enforced in Chicopee.

That means, the Department of Public Works garbage trucks won’t pick up any trash that’s not in the 35 gallon barrel and the top on the barrel has to be able to shut. Any excess trash has to be placed in yellow Chicopee overflow bags.

As for recyclables, don’t put them in plastic bags. Clean them of food and don’t mix them with trash.

If you need more room than what’s in the recycling barrell, you may put out an additional barrel or box with recyclables.

“We found out what people could recycle that they were normally throwing out,” DPW Superintendent Jeffrey Neece told 22News. “And we found that people could recycle 75 to 80 percent more than what they were putting out to trash.”

Any trash that violates the rules will be left with a yellow sticker. Bulky waste must be brought to the landfill on New Lombard Road.