“100 Deadliest Days” arrive for teen drivers

The number of deadly accidents involving teen drivers skyrockets between Memorial Day and Labor Day according to AAA.

(NBC News) Just a second of inattention can lead to tragedy.

That’s one of the messages the AAA is hoping will linger in the minds of parents and teens as we enter what they call the “100 Deadliest Days.”

It’s the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when the number of deadly teen car accidents skyrockets.

“We often see a spike of about 15% of deadly teen crashes during the summer months,” warns AAA’s Jennifer Ryan.

That’s because more new and inexperienced teen drivers are out of school and hitting the already crowded roadways.

AAA says speed, seatbelts, and distractions are the three most common factors in deadly teen car accidents, and those distractions may not be strictly gadgets.

“When we looked at distractions, we found that the first cause of a distraction for a teen driver was a passenger, and the second was a cell phone,” Ryan says.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s latest study, 16 to 17-year olds are three times more likely than any other drivers to be involved in a fatal crash, and they say parents are on the front line when it comes to keeping teen drivers safe.

“I would encourage them to have conversations early and often and always set a good example when behind the wheel,” Ryan says.

Read more: http://bit.ly/2so0gvi

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