Training props to give Holyoke firefighters real-life challenges

The first prop includes electrical wiring and other obstructions

Photo Courtesy: Holyoke Fire Department

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Holyoke Fire Department, along with the Sonoco Paper Company and a Chicopee Comp High School student created two training props for the city’s firefighters.

According to a letter sent to 22News from the fire department, the props will provide real world training for the firefighters, in controlled environments.

The firefighters will have to work their way through the first prop, a ceiling collapse with electrical wiring and other obstructions that could get caught on a firefighters gear and tools. The firefighters will have to work their way through the entanglement, while using their self-contained breathing apparatus.

That training will be then be followed by the low profile/wall breach prop, where firefighters will practice working their way through a small area that has a collapse or void area search.

This will help firefighters practice breaching a wall, should the exit to the room they are in becomes blocked. The firefighters will be required to keep their air mask on their face while removing the air bottle from their back during this step.

According to the letter, both training props will give firefighters real life challenges on the fire grounds so they have better chances of self-rescue.