Peregrine falcon chicks banded at UMass Amherst

There are an estimated 120 of the birds in Massachusetts

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The Peregrine Falcon.

It’s the fastest bird on earth, capable of reaching speeds of up to 242 miles per hour. One of their nests is at the top of the W.E.B. Dubois Library at UMass.

“Falcons have been nesting here for about 25 years and we’ve put a camera up five years ago so now we can really see their behavior,” said Carol Connare, Director of Communications of UMass Libraries.

The library had the webcam installed, thanks to donations from MassWildlife and others to learn more about the bird.

Two chick Peregrine falcons were banded by representatives from MassWildlife, a species that is threatened in Massachusetts. The species was put on the endangered species list after the pesticide DDT wiped out the majority of the peregrine falcon species. By 1966, there were none left in the Eastern U.S. MassWildlife checks in on the falcons regularly and puts bands on the birds’ legs, as a way to study them.

“We’re getting them from where they began,and so it will tell us where they go where they move, when they are juveniles where they end up as nesting adults how long they live, said Tom French, Assitant Director for MassWildlife. “Over the years we’ve accumulated a lot of information.”

Tom French told 22News they also have nests at Boston University and UMass Lowell. They’ve brought the total number of pergerine falcons in Massachusetts to 120.