New exit between Westfield and Lee could help ease traffic

The Senate's budget might consider building a new exit

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s the longest stretch on the Massachusetts Turnpike without an exit, and if you miss Westfield heading west, you have a 60-mile round trip to look forward to.

Westfield Mayor Brian Sullivan, explained the impact a new exit would have on his city. Sullivan told 22News that he absolutely supports building a new Turnpike exit between Exit 3 and Exit 2.

“I absolutely support it. It’s something Westfield has been talking about for years,” Sullivan said.

The mayor told 22News that a new turnpike exit between Westfield and Lee would help alleviate traffic in his city.

According to Tom Tom, a portable GPS navigation system maker, Exit 3 to Exit 2 on the MassPike, is the 7th longest distance between freeway exits in the US.

Right now, if you miss Westfield’s Exit 3 off the Mass Pike, you have to drive 30 miles to the next exit in Lee to turn around. Mayor Sullivan blames that long stretch for the traffic backups at Exit 3.

He told 22News that residents who live in the Hilltowns are using Exit 3 to cut through Westfield to go home.

“One, the traffic flow. All the Hilltown people have to go through town at this point. And then the other thing would be the economic spin-off that might be able to come from that also,” Sullivan said.

“I think on a Turnpike, you need to have options, to get off and be able to turn around, in case you miss an exit,” Bill Mettee of Youngstown, Ohio told 22News. “Traveling through the town if there might have been another exit, with something intriguing. I may have gotten off at that exit, instead of where I’m currently going.”

The Senate budget includes a study of the area to see if building an exit between Westfield and Lee is feasible.