How do you defend yourself if someone attacks you?

Springfield police arrested two men on Monday accused of unarmed robbery

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield police Monday, chased and arrested two men who are accused of unarmed robbery.

22News spoke to a self-defense expert about what you should do if you find yourself in that situation.

Springfield police were called to the Rite Aid on Cooley Street Monday night, where a woman said two men hurt her when they grabbed her purse.

A witness saw the car pull in behind gas station on Wilbraham Road and watched the suspects as they went through the contents of the victim’s purse. Police arrested John Loranger and Michael Hannah and charged them with unarmed robbery of a victim over 60-years-old.

“It’s very close to home so it’s a little more nerve racking. I’ve always thought I’m just going to be so stunned and afraid I don’t even know if I could scream,” said Sharon Fortier of Springfield.

One martial arts expert told 22News, if you don’t need to fight back then don’t, but in the instance you do there’s a few placed you should focus on.

“I don’t recommend ever attacking back if you have a choice of running away especially if there’s a large male and you’re a female if they’re attacking you and they’re on top of you that’s a different scenario now you’re in full self-defense mode,” Jeremy Libiszewski, Head Trainer at the Fighting Arts Academy said. “Number one eyes, the eyes are very sensitive and it doesn’t take a lot of strength to get someone off of you. Eyes would be number one, throat would be number two, and then again make a gap and get away.”

Jeremy Libiszewski recommends you always stay aware and know where you parked. He also recommends if someone is walking close to you to keep a space between you and that person.

Both suspects were arraigned in Springfield District Court Tuesday, and are being held on bail.