Chicopee Police urge drivers to take precautions to prevent car break-ins

Police are urging drivers to lock their cars to prevent break-ins

Image Courtesy: Chicopee Police Department

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Two men were caught on camera, breaking into a parked car outside of the Rumbleseat in Chicopee Saturday night. The theft was an easy grab for the suspects, who quickly realized the car door was left unlocked.

22News discovered, it’s a mistake many drivers make.

Bradley Hack of Chicopee told 22News, he doesn’t usually lock his doors. “If they really need it that bad, whether I lock it or not isn’t’ going to change anything,” he said.

But Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk says hitting the lock button can make all of the difference. Criminals case parking lots, searching for unlocked cars to grab whatever they can, quickly and quietly.

Locking your car doors is your first line of defense, but it won’t always prevent thieves from trying to break into your car. If you have anything in your car that’s valuable, like a wallet, police tucking it under a seat, or covering it, so it’s not in plain sight.

Chicopee resident Stephanie Stetson told 22News, she never leaves anything expensive out in the open. “I wouldn’t leave cell phones, or laptops, or anything of value out in the open. Even your purse, hide it under the street,” she said.

Always remember to move valuables to the trunk before you park, not afterwards; thieves may be watching.