2-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the head

Many safety products exist to prevent this exact scenario from ever happening

Photo Courtesy: KFOR

(CNN/KFOR) – A two-year-old boy in Oklahoma is recovering after sustaining a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

John Miller, a neighbor, said, “It’s just sad. It’s just accessibility and I just pray for the family right now.”

People on Dana Dr. can’t believe what happened on their street. Police say they received a call from child welfare reporting that a two-year-old had been shot in the head. Allegedly, the gun was in the child’s hands at the time of the shooting. Police believe it was an accident, but are still investigating.

KFOR checked in with a local gun expert to see what can be done to help keep kids safe. Mike Rust, general manager of H&H Shooting Sports, said, “There’s so many products available to ensure that type of thing doesn’t happen […] safety, safety, safety. If you have a loaded gun for protection in your home, it needs to be completely inaccessible to the children.”

Gun locks are one option. “This is a very simple little gun lock that comes with one of the brands of handguns that we sell. By federal law, all guns are shipped with some type of gun lock,” said Rust.

High-tech gun safes are also on the market. Some can even be opened with your fingerprint or using a code, because these steps can ultimately help prevent the worst.

The two-year-old is expected to survive. Oklahoma police say other parents in the area can swing by the station to receive a gun lock free of charge.