Safety tips for Memorial Day grilling

You should keep your grill at least ten feet away from your house

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s grilling season in western Massachusetts, but before you throw on those hot dogs and hamburgers, there may be a few things you want to check out.

Lt. Dennis Foley of the West Springfield Fire Department told 22News, “The first time you use your grill you should inspect it. Some of the hoses may have dry rotted over the winter, or have some cracks and leaks.”

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, which means the majority of your time may be spent outdoors and around a grill.

The West Springfield Fire Department suggests you always supervise your grill when it’s in use. And make sure everyone, including pets and kids, stay a safe distance away from the grill.

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The West Springfield Fire Department told 22News that the most common fires they see during grilling season are grease fires, which are a result of people not properly cleaning their grills.

Lt. Foley told 22News, “The State Fire Marshall even recommends the first time a gas grill is used, to actually make a soap and water solution, spray all the connections and look for leaking propane.”

You should also keep your grill at least ten feet away from your house, and use utensils that have long handles to help keep the chef safe.

Lt. Foley noted that one fire on the corner of Maple and Chestnut Streets in West Springfield in 2014, was a result of grilling too close to the home. The fire caused heavy damage to one side of the house, burned an upstairs and downstairs porch, and charred and melted the siding.

Doctors say the most common safety mistakes result in severe burns, so be careful this weekend while grilling.