How to keep your car cool in the summer heat

You can keep your cool with a heat reflector

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – As we move into the warmer months, you may notice when you get into your car, it’s sweltering hot.

For many of us, we hate getting into a hot car, especially when it’s warm outside.

But, in order to protect your valuables when you’re not around, keeping your windows up is your best protection against thieves.

Luke Rheault of Rocky’s Ace Hardware store in Agawam told 22News, you can keep your cool with a heat reflector, “They reflect the UV rays of the sun, so it less direct impact from the sun. It will keep your dashboard from fading out, because the UV rays are beating on your dashboard.”

The heat reflector goes into your windshield and blocks the sun from overheating your car. Depending on the brand you buy, they’ll cost you around seven dollars.