CT Police: Man beat 75 year old woman because she wouldn’t stop talking

He's a family member

Photo Courtesy: WTIC/CNN

(WTIC/CNN) – A 75-year old woman is still in the hospital recovering after she was badly beaten. Her alleged attacker is now behind bars.

He’s a family member and police say he admitted to carrying out the attack and even told them why he did it.

Lt. Patrick Buckley, Farmington police dept.: “He was covered in blood”

That’s what police saw when they arrived at 67 sunset terrace around 9:30 last night.

Richard Skenderian had called 911 confessing to police that he assaulted someone.

Lt. Patrick Buckley, Farmington police dept.: “There had been some type of dispute or an argument and he made a statement about wanting to shut her up.”

Skenderian was arrested and police discovered the 75-year old woman beaten and bloodied, lying on a mattress in the basement.

Lt. Patrick Buckley, Farmington police dept.: “She was beaten severely.”

The woman was rushed to St. Francis hospital with serious injuries. Skenderian is facing several other charges including assault. One man who’s lived in the sunset terrace neighborhood for some 35 years, is shocked.

Don Powers, neighbor: “It just doesn`t happen here” While he didn`t know the victim personally, he says he would greet her from time to time, calling her a friendly woman who kept to herself.

Don Powers, neighbor: “Everybody looks out for each other. As far as the houses, it’s a good crime watch street”

A family member entering the house refused to comment on camera.

Skenderian was held on a 500-thousand dollar bond and appeared in court Friday morning.

Police are also not releasing the victim’s name at the moment but say this case remains under investigation.

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