Vacation: Go big by going small

Tiny hotels are popping up across the country

A new travel trend promises to let you go big on your next vacation by going small. Tiny hotels are popping up across the country offering adventure, but not a lot of square footage.

(NBC News) – It’s the compact lifestyle that sparked a new sector of reality TV. Living large in tiny houses.

Thanks to the rise of a new cottage industry, these homes are opening their doors to an even bigger clientele. As tiny house hotels.

“I want people to feel like this is their home,” said builder Matt Kern.

Asheville, North Carolina builder Matt Kern got busy after noticing demand . His designs incorporate recycled material from the area. Along with all the scaled-down comforts of home.

“This appeals to people who want to feel like they are in a neighborhood, that you are part of the fabric of a community – at least for the weekend or a week” said Kern.

The short stay small spaces boast affordability. This Mount Hood tiny house village farmhouse sleeps five people for less than 140-bucks a night. Tiny houses can go where larger hotels can’t getaway situates theirs in the woods surrounded by nature, but no neighbors. Plus, their portability allows companies like try tiny dot com to move homes in for major events like the Indianapolis 5-hundred.

“We’re bringing several units a mile walking distance from the track, said founder of “try it tiny Maggie Daniels.”

A tiny new travel trend opening up options come the busy summer season.