Unclaimed property scheme targeting Massachusetts residents

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) –  An offer too good to be true. The state treasurer’s office is warning us about a scheme involving unclaimed property.

Unclaimed property is anything from stocks to closed checking accounts that someone never claimed. The state has more than $2.4 billion waiting to be claimed.

The treasurer says Massachusetts residents are getting letters in the mail saying you have “unclaimed property winnings” and asking you if you want help claiming it. Those letters are illegitimate.

Actual letters from the treasurer’s office will be mailed from Boston with a return address.  They will direct residents to an official mass.gov website and they will have the official seal of Massachusetts along with the signature of the Treasurer.

If you do have any unclaimed property you don’t need someone to claim it for you.  Just go to the states’ website and search for yourself or family members.

You can go to their website by clicking here.